The new American Idol?

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It all began in February, when Simon Cowell popped onto your TV screen with the message, “He’s back.”
And it’s true. He’s back.

Simon Cowell has moved on to new sights and higher bargains, this time including a $5 million prize.
The show is called, “The X Factor.” It came from the UK and has shown us stars like Leona Lewis. It will air on Fox in September.

So let’s get into the details about this new show.

Is it a knock off of American Idol?


This show has some completely different twists that will leave you wondering. Apparently, there will be four judges, one for each of four catagories: 12-24 males, 12-24 females, groups, and those older than 25. Each judge will work specifically with one of these groups. The top 12 are taken to the next level where, like the famous American Idol, they will compete live on stage for America’s votes.

What if you’re interested in auditioning for the show? There are a few easy steps you should take.

1. Go to this will give you all the details and forms you need to fill out to take with you to registration.

2. Pick a city. There are five remaining cities that the show will be auditioning in (not including California because auditions have already taken place).
Miami- April 6th-7th
Newark- April 13th-14th
Seattle- April 19th-20th
Chicago- April 26th-27th
Dallas- May 25th-26th

3. Pick three songs. See the site for more details as to what songs NOT to pick. Make sure you make the song sound original and make it your own. The songs should be cut down to one chorus and one verse per song.

4. Create a style to take with you. Simon has said specifically that a real artist should take pride in their creative style. He’s also said he would love to find, ‘the next Lady Gaga,’ so be creative!

5. Register on the first day of auditions. Then catch some sleep because there will be a lot of waiting in line. You have to get a wristband when you register. You may not remove it until auditions are over.

6. Wait on the second day of auditions to audition for a judge. Simon says, ‘everyone will be seen’ but there is always that doubt so get there plenty early!

And that’s all there is to it.

If you only plan on watching the show when it airs in the fall, be sure to keep an eye out for the next big star. The winner will recieve $5 million cash and a recording contract! There is no maximum age (the minimum is 12), so don’t feel like the show is secluded to younger artists. Everyone has a chance.

That’s all the information for now, more on the judges and the host of the show coming soon!