The Livingston Post’s top stories of the past decade

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1. Remembering Shawn Moore, 30 years later: When Livingston County lost its innocence

2. The incredible, untold story of the 1975 KISS concert in Hartland







3. Hollywood comes to Howell: Gilbert and Busfield are the biggest stars we’ve had, but not the first

Former District Judge Theresa Brennan pleads guilty to a single count of perjury on Dec. 3, 2019. (Photo courtesy of

4. Here’s why the Judge Brennan case is Livingston County’s biggest political scandal ever

5. Death of a klansman, 25 years later: How the sick legacy of Bob Miles continues to haunt Howell

6. Hollywood superstar just said his favorite piece of clothing is a Zukey Lake Tavern shirt

7. NASA says meteorites likely landed near Hamburg Township

8. The Mill Pond Amphitheater debacle: Once again, Brighton builds a new venue that nobody can afford

The mostly empty parking lot at the Livingston Daily Press & Argus in Howell in the middle of a weekday is a clear indicator of what’s happening with the newspaper.

9. The death of the Press & Argus, and the future of journalism in Livingston County

10. Melissa Gilbert, Timothy Busfield leaving city for log cabin in the woods

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