The Kindest Cut

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Ashley Shooter is a sophomore at Fowlerville High School. Like most students, from time to time she gets a haircut. Ashley’s last hair cut was a special one. For the third time, she was able to donate her hair to help a child with medically-related hair loss. She sent 8 inches of her hair to Children with Hairloss. It was Reggie at Reggie’s Barber and Beauty Salon that first suggested the idea when Ashley came in for a cut at the age of eight.

Ashley is glad that something like a hair cut can be a way to make a real difference in the world and make a child’s difficult experience a little less unpleasant. Her dream is to someday do even more by  pursuing a career as a pediatric oncologist.

She loves her new haircut, and the feeling that it connects her with another student somewhere going through a hard time.