The Human Cannonball

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Walter Dorckley is not much good at music, art or academics. The main thing that he enjoys is playing with explosives, or in his own words, “blowing myself up”. Inspired by a trip to the circus, he determines that his only hope to escape the small grungy town in which he resides, and his small grungy life, is to apprentice himself to Sidelong Sidely, the human cannonball.

Rick Schlaack is a local serial artist from Howell,and the creator of The Human Cannonball. His previous work was called Aeolus, and ran for three volumes. He and his partner, Joe Haines, are the masterminds of Blind Allley Comics, which edited and distributed The Human Cannonball.

The black and white art enhances the mood and setting on each page, and the characters are interesting, memorable and expressive. The story feels fresh and original, an easy and pleasant read. The perspectives are varied and interesting without being confusing, and the dialogue flows.

Rick Schlaack blogs on blogspot.