Studio West Nature Exhibit

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Twelve local artists will be displaying their work through the end of August at Studio West Gallery the home of Art With a Heart in Brighton. All the artists have created pieces representing this month’s theme, “Nature.” Featured artists include photographer Kevin Phillips; pastel artist Pat Bursch; local artist Lee Burton, who works with oil paints; and their resident Art Coordinator and Brighton Art Guild board member, Norma Inloes.

Norma explains, “I create assemblages that are progressive by layering materials, I also like to work symbolically using recycled materials.”

According to Norma, “This wooden box reflects a barn that once stood tall, watching over the meadow where the deer ran freely. There are three sets of deer bones. I chose to leave the first set as I found them, covered in dirt and moss, which to me meant decomposing and returning to the earth. I cleaned and bleached the second set to bring back the beauty of each shape, and finally I cleaned and spray painted the third and closest set to show the newness and perfection of the bones.”

Starting in September and running through the rest of the year, the new theme at Studio West will be “Home”.

Studio West Gallery is located at 111 South West Street in Brighton. They are open Tuesday – Saturday from noon until 8. They offer art for sale as well as workshops, classes, and experiential opportunities.

(810) 534-6200