Smith, Skolarus and Rowell are now apparently trying to bankrupt Christian school

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And now we see just how cruel, heartless and vindictive Todd Smith, Polly Skolarus and Linda Rowell truly are. It’s not enough that they’ve banned a small Christian school from locating in the township. They’re now apparently trying to bankrupt it altogether.

That’s right: They’re trying to use all the power and authority of Genoa Township to drive Livingston Christian Schools out of business.

That’s how cruel and heartless they truly are. They don’t want this Christian school in Genoa Township and they don’t want it anywhere. They want it gone.

That’s the only conclusion one can reach when you hear what they did last week.

Smith, Skolarus and Rowell want Livingston Christian to pay $81,090 in needless attorney fees that the township rang up fighting a lawsuit that LCS had filed against the township. At the July 27 meeting of the Genoa Township Board, Todd Smith made the motion to go after Livingston Christian’s money. Polly Skolarus seconded it. Three days later, the motion was filed in U.S. District Court.

Smith, Skolarus and Rowell want to grab $81,090 of Livingston Christian’s money. They’re apparently trying to bankrupt the school.

Cruel, heartless and vindictive.

For a small private school like Livingston Christian, having to give up $81,090 would surely be a death sentence, and Todd Smith, Polly Skolarus and Linda Rowell know it. They’ve come to hate that little school so much that they’re now apparently trying to bankrupt it.

Cruel, heartless and vindictive.

It’s no surprise that Todd Smith was the one who made the motion to seize Livingston Christian’s money. He’s hated that school from the start – so much so that when students, teachers and parents from the school came to the township board last summer to beg for their school, he didn’t even dignify their presence by looking them in the eye. Todd Smith – a two-time convicted drunk driver – played on his iPad the entire time, never making eye contact once. He’s reprehensible.

And it’s no surprise that Polly Skolarus was the one who seconded the motion. After initially voting in favor of the school, she has been steadfast in supporting the decision to fight the lawsuit filed by the school. She has a very clear anti-Christian bias that she’s expressed on Facebook and on Internet comments. She once wrote that “Christian Republicans don’t care what happens to the poor.”

It’s clear how she feels about Christians, and now it’s clear how she feels about a little Christian school.

Linda Rowell deserves to be thrown in there, too. She has opposed the school from the start, and was sitting in the front row back in court back in June when the case went before the judge.

Genoa Township has already wasted $81,090 of the taxpayers’ money fighting a lawsuit that never should have been necessary in the first place. And now they’re trying to use this case to drive Livingston Christian out of business altogether.

It can’t be a coincidence that they filed this motion less than a week before the Aug. 2 Republican primary, in which Smith, Skolarus and Rowell are trying to remain on the board to insure that the vendetta against Livingston Christian continues.

With the election on the horizon, they’re trying to show Livingston Christian who’s boss.

It’s up to the voters to show them who’s boss.

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Longtime Livingston County journalist Buddy Moorehouse is director of communications at the Michigan Association of Public School Academies.


  1. Good lord, Moorehouse, you are such an incredible hack. How in the word do you sleep at night?

    If someone sued you for libel, and it cost you $80k to defend yourself and win, I’m sure you’d just cover that yourself out of the goodness of your heart, right? You wouldn’t seek restitution from the party that brought the suit and lost? Give me a break. And did you ever consider the possibility that the township may have legal expenses insurance that requires them to seek payment for legal fees? That’s how businesses work. Or perhaps they should pass this cost along to the taxpayers? The Naz didn’t follow proper procedures and has a history of misleading the township. The board did its job, and the courts agreed with them.

    This agenda of yours is really quite pathetic.

    And where’s my rebuttal to your most recent bit of dreck about Ms. Skolarus? Guess it didn’t pass “moderation.” Pretty cool of this blog to stifle dissent. I don’t expect this to see the light of day, either. You apparently can’t handle being called out for your garbage.

  2. Well, we now know how much Genoa spent defending this suit. How much did the church spend suing the Twp? Now they are the poor defenseless school and the Twp is putting them out of business? How about the school uses that money to find another home or reduce tuition for the family that may want to attend this school? Or no, wait, they are already too full and need a place to go. Wait they don’t have room? I can’t remember the latest story sorry. Bottom line is clearly Genoa residents spoke and don’t want them in that location and the Twp backed the residents. that right? A township backed their residents? Hmm. That’s interesting. I think I’ll move there. What could possibly show more integrity than to stand up to this crap and bully press just prior to an election? Takes guts. Don’t hate me but I’m going to go have a drink now.

    • Planning Commission spoke – 6-1 approval.

      Board spoke 4-3 disapproval.

      Now its a disputed matter, but the tally of actual Genoa Residents who have voted is 9 – 5 in favor of approving the school.

      We’ll find out later what the final outcome is. Very good bet it will ultimately be approved, leaving the kids and parents with the school they want, a a whole lotta Genoa citizen cash in the account of a lawyer.

  3. I am not commenting on the lawsuit. However, when a candidates moral character is being questioned – you better get your fact straight. To say Paulette Skolarus is not religious is the most abaurd thing I have ever heard.
    I can’t tell you the amount of emails from friends and family living in and out of Genoa Township that were appalled by these accusations of her faith.

    Lost standing resident Ryan Hill lived in Brighton and grew up across the street from us. He graduated from Brighton High School and even he was amazed that anyone could question our faith!

    Here is what he said:RYAN HILL of Ryan Hill Casting and then my reply

    Thank you Ryan Hill for setting the record straight! Again, more mud slinging without and concrete proof!

    Ryan Hill:
    Lived in Brighton and graduated from Brighton High School
    His response:
    Polly Skolarus is “anti-Christian”? Really? Having known her since I was about 2, I find that pretty hard to believe. Kelly Skolarus Lollio has you mom had a radical change in faith since sending you to St. Pat’s school?

    My Response:
    Lol I almost fell off my chair when I read this. Wow what a bunch of lies! My mom is a devout Catholic and Still is as are her grandchildren and me!
    We had my dads funeral mass at St. Pat’s Church. (you know- he passed of Pancreatic Cancer Christmas Day is BURIED in the St. Patrick’s cemetery next to his buddy Bernie Garbasic)
    Ya, never mind the fact I played the piano and sang at St. Patrick’s Church in Brighton since I was 5 (played the organ until they bought a piano until I went to COLLEGE!) Ryan Hill you are right on the money! My mom is getting mud slung at her again when people just don’t know the facts! Heaven!
    Polly Skolarus is Catholic with a high moral standing.
    Thanks Ryan for setting the record straight!
    Livingston County Government
    The Livingston Daily Press & Argus
    Genoa Charter Township100.3 WNIC

    • Polly Skolarus moral character committed suicide when she decided to lie when she decided to run as a Republican despite being a Democrat. Nothing wrong with being a Democrat. A lot wrong with lying to the voters just to get grubby hands on a paycheck. Those were Polly’s decisions…her’s alone.

      I’ll take it a step further Lollio…inserting the death of a cancer victim and the grieving into this matter, as though somehow that might paint Polly Skolarus with a patina of morality shows poor judgment.

      Polly could surround herself with scores of grieving friends – none of them will be able to wipe away her lies to the voters about being a Republican.

      Your hysterical and manipulative defense of Polly’s lying about being a Republican has fallen flat.

      Proverbs 12:22 The lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.

      13:5 The righteous hate what is false, but the wicked make themselves a stench and bring shame on themselves

      14:5 An honest witness does not deceive, but a false witness pours out the lies

      You and Polly have made yourselves a stench and bring shame. I don’t think its unfair to ask Polly to simply be honest with voters.

      • I feel confident in everything I stated. It’s sad that you think I used my fathers passing as a political tool. I don’t need to do that nor would so ever do that! Polly Skolarus is my mom and I was giving you FACTS.

        These personal facts were meant to open your jaded eyes. I felt your lack of facts, pathetic.

        Quoting the the bible still provided zero facts and more of your opinion.

        Genoa Township clearly DID NOT agree with you as the Community of Genoa Township VOTED in Polly Skolarus as Clerk 🙂

        I am proud of her and what she has done and will continue to do for Genoa Township

    • I don’t know the people in this particular dispute but what I do know is not all Catholic’s are Christians…

  4. As out-of-control as the Genoa Board obviously is, I have to say this opinion:

    Linda Rowell is a much better candidate than Bill Rogers.

    Bill Rogers, as Livingston County Commissioner, helped truly bankrupt a lot of innocent property owners with Sewer bonds which were not properly funded. That’s going to be the real story in Livingston County over the next 3 years, and Bill Rogers will become even more of an embarrassment than he already became when he failingly groveled for the County Supervisor position he was not qualified for.

    In Linda Rowell’s defense on the Todd Smith problem, she was one of the only Board members to speak out – meekly, but she did speak out and was quoted as saying something to the effect that the public was going to find out about his drunk driving problems. As far as I know, every other Board member including Skolarus was silent.

    I think Linda Rowell might be a good Supervisor, even with her bad judgment of hanging out with, and sleeping with (don’t get excited, different rooms) Todd Smith at the Marriott.

  5. This lawsuit is just one of many on Genoa Twp books- taxpayers have been paying unneccessay legal fees for years under that leadership.

    Voters should review the public meeting minutes posted on the Township website before August 2

  6. More like the township lawyer trying to bankrupt the township.

    These lawyers prey on really dumb people.

    No way a matter which has not been to trial should cost $81,000 – if that’s a true figure, the entire board needs to be fired by the people….then the lawyer needs to be fired….

    You can almost hear the crook lawyer saying “hey, for $100,000 I’ll delay this school for a year…..until each of you is fired, and a new board approves the school…..”


    • Smith and others are not in control of themselves – they are dangerous morons with egos which feed on the people’s money. The lavish hotel stays are going to be chump change when this school fiasco is ultimately finished, and the school is approved, as should and will happen.

      Whoever they hired to fight this thing knows he has a dumb client….now he wants to be paid to spend time claiming someone else should pay his fees….

      It’s a complete scam – the chances of getting lawyer fees back is close to zero for a very simple reason: Genoa says it’s “frivolous”. Problem is the Planning Commission approved the permit nearly unanimously (6-1 ?, I think) while the Township Board rejected it narrowly (4-3, I think).

      There’s nothing frivolous about asking how this could happen – the Planning Commission understands more than a Board composed of drunks and floozies more interested in oysters and cosmo’s at the Marriott than the people’s business.

      There’s no way a claim that this is frivolous will win lawyers fees – it’s just a charade by the township’s lawyers….

      Again, most of the Board needs to be fired. True leadership needs to take control. Fire the lawyers and approve the school. That’s where this is headed.

      The only frivolous thing in this matter was the Board disapproval, where at least one of the Board members is reasonably likely to have been fall down drunk…..Did anybody see Todd Smith before the Board meeting which rejected the schools application ? fu-fu drinks and the public’s business do not mix. Todd Smith needs to go before more damage is done.

  7. My grand daughter attends Livingston Christian. I’ve been there several times and have been nothing but impressed by the dedication of the staff, and how they truly love the children. The Naz is willing to open it’s door – and heart – to this school, and I think it’s a crime that you have a few individuals that have so much power they can “sway the vote”. I don’t go to the Naz, nor do I live in Genoa Twp. But I tell you what – if I did, I would vote these three clowns out of office. They have no regard for the people of Genoa Twp, and their needs. I hope to God voters see them for who they are.

  8. Ms. Lewis, how familiar are you to the circumstances of Livingston Christian School? We do not get an accurate picture from the LCP – the LP is attempting to provide information that is supportive of the “Churches” attempt to provide education that does not alter historical fact to be “politically” correct. Your comments are welcome! Defend your position, I’m sure Mr. Moorehouse would be happy to hear from you.

  9. Wasn’t your rant a while back that Genoa is spending taxpayer money on a lawsuit ? Actually they were defending themselves from a lawsuit? There was no choice. Then judge sided with Genoa. It sound like good fiscal practices to me to go after fees. You get wronged. You get compensated for your damages. Good job Genoa. The school would have done the same. I remember Lana Theis’ lawyer husband ranting at the meeting about getting millions from Genoa if they win. Watch out Brighton Twp! I guess this unethical on-line rag thinks you should have just rolled over at the first sight of their attorney. So if Genoa is a winner, that make you a ……

  10. Buddy Moorehouse is no Christian. He is a bully with a big mouth. That is all.

  11. I think it is your job as a media source to report the facts and leave your opinion out of it. I have no respect for reporters or news organizations who try to sway public opinion.

    • Ms. Lewis, how familiar are you to the circumstances of Livingston Christian School? We do not get an accurate picture from the LCP – the LP is attempting to provide information that is supportive of the “Churches” attempt to provide education that does not alter historical fact to be “politically” correct. Your comments are welcome! Defend your position, I’m sure Mr. Moorehouse would be happy to hear from you. I have written similar complaints to LCP about Planned Parenthoods role in the abortion industry and have not seen any articles that defend life that were on the front page of the LCP like the one this last fall for Planned Parenthood. It is interesting that when the half Billion in Fed Dollars is stopped that Planned Parenthood Brighton Health Center closes because of lack of financial support. We are a community of sinful individuals – it is time to choose which we will serve “good” or “evil”: “……as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord!”

    • So you avoid all mainstream media as well, then? There are plenty of actual facts in here to make a decision on the subject at hand.

    • Deborah – your opinion is nonsense, but it should be heard. Just like anyone else’s.

      With regard to facts:

      $83,000 spent to fight a school. Hardly another word needs to be spoken.

      • Ignore Todd Smith being an apparent drunk for a moment, and just think about this:

        1. Todd Smith is a real estate agent or broker

        2. He is the kind of guy who would happily make money on just about any sale to any tenant or buyer….that’s what he does, right ?

        3. And this clown has the cohones, as a “Trust”ee to claim that a school – A SCHOOL – is not a good use of land and building in Genoa Township ?

        It’s truly ridiculous – him being a drunk isn’t even the biggest problem…he’s a real estate agent trying to bankrupt and shut down a school – A SCHOOL, people.

        Truth is stranger than fiction with these clowns.

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