Slotkin shows true bipartisanship at Brighton/Howell basketball game

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U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Holly, attended the Brighton versus Howell boys varsity basketball game and took in the a cappella concert at Brighton High School Friday, Jan. 17, 2020.

In the true spirit of bipartisanship, Slotkin and her husband, Dave Moore, split their time between the Brighton and Howell sides of the boys varsity basketball game. And at halftime, they took part in the “Make One for Maddie” free-throw contest fundraiser for Brighton freshman Maddie Wegener and her family. The contest, in which anyone could line up to make a donation and take a shot, was the brainchild of Brighton Athletic Director John Thompson.

Maddie Wegener is critically ill, and her mother, Cheryl Wegener, is an English teacher at Brighton High School. Students from both Brighton and Howell high schools wore purple in honor of Maddie.

Dave Moore was named MVP of the free-throw contest, and the Brighton Bulldogs won the game in overtime.

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  1. Congresswoman Slotkin’s interaction with constituents is a breath of fresh, calming air.
    What a combination: accessibility and a lifetime of experience, service, patriotism, critical thinking and integrity.
    The eighth district is in good hands!

    • Oh contrar, the eighth district is NOT in “good hands” with the carpetbagger Slotkin. Let’s not forget that Ms.Slotkin unadviceably wrote an op-ed in the Washington post that kicked off the impeachment debacle. And, she willfully voted in favor of the articles of impeachment which do not describe any crime. Ms. Slotkin’s actions demonstrate that she is not willing to represent her constituents in a district where the majority of residents are against impeachment. If Ms. Slotkin is willing to vote against the will of her constituents in a manner of such grave importance, such as impeachment, then lord knows what else she is willing to do.

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