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Slotkin: It’s time to remove or impeach President Trump

U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin

U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Holly, said it’s time for President Donald Trump to be removed from power.

“After yesterday’s events, when the President incited a violent attack on another branch of government, it’s time for the Vice President and the President’s Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from power,” Slotkin said in a statement. “I’ve heard from a number of senior Trump Administration officials this morning that he is increasingly unhinged, and they are concerned about the actions he could take in the next few weeks.”

Slotkin said the country must demonstrate that behavior of this type is “beyond the pale.”

“I’d prefer cabinet officials to take action, but I will be ready to consider other steps, such as impeachment, in the short time we have left,” Slotkin said. “But yesterday went beyond just the President. Congress needs a rigorous process of censure for any members of Congress who similarly incited violence, either in their many speeches to the protestors, or through the media.”

Slotkin went on to say that she would recommend the same for any members of the Michigan legislature who attended the rally and incited violence.

“If you egged on those who sought to overturn the will of the people, you have no business serving the people — even if later you put out platitudes that you regret what happened,” Slotkin said. “That’s what we call accountability.”

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  1. Kevin:

    Do you have a citation for your comment; “VP Elect Harris for her stating rioters “should not stop.” ?

    USA Today did a fact check on this particular comment. Here is what they said.

    1. Exchange between Harris and Colbert referred to protests, not riots.

    The exchange between Harris and Colbert — which took place on June 17, a few weeks after George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis — referred to protests, not riots. The word “riot” is not even mentioned in the 30-second exchange.

    “I know there are protests still happening in major cities across the United States, I’m just not seeing the reporting on it that I had for the first few weeks,” Colbert said.

    “That’s right,” Harris replied. “But they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop, and this is a movement, I’m telling you.”

    There was never a conversation about rioters or riots should not stop. There was a conversation about the protesters will not stop protesting.

    With regard to riots and rioters. . . .

    2. Harris has condemned the violence that turned some protests into riots

    “Although she has expressed support for protesters, Harris has also condemned the violence, including looting, that has turned some of the summer’s protests into riots.

    In her rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday, Harris reiterated the importance of nonviolence.”

  2. Slotkin is awesome but can partially thank Trump for her getting elected. Trump pretty much single handily destroyed the Republican party. The house, senate and Presidency has been lost on his watch. But the base is so energized and has contributed sooooo much money!!! The problem is twice as many people are so turned off by the party of fear and hate that the Democrat numbers and fundraising far exceed the Republicans. Why would anyone think this is a viable path forward? Time for Trump to leave so the Republicans can try to rebuild their image.

  3. Makes total sense to waste time trying to remove someone from office who will be leaving in 12 days, especially when you have no clue as to the actual facts of what actually happened on Wednesday (unless of course you do know facts that we do not, and they support your agenda). Not that the congress isn’t supremely talented when it comes to wasting time. Feel free to waste away before you set about on your mission to destroy the country, it will just further divide us all, which is the plan, right? By the way, do you plan to impeach VP Elect Harris for her stating rioters “should not stop” on a nationally syndicated talk show? Of course not you hypocrite, have to support the agenda, not represent the sheeple who somehow think you are moderate. (your voting record suggests otherwise)

  4. “If you egged on those who sought to overturn the will of the people, you have no business serving the people”
    You mean like the Dems did all year with Riot after Riot?
    We accept your resignation

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