She Died in the Spring

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I read this phrase, it became a thought’s seed. It made me think.

Why the Spring?  She died in the spring, but did she have any say about it?  Why in the Spring?

It makes me wonder.  With a friend of mine, who is a minister, I note that he seems to be busiest with funerals in fall or early winter.  And, then again as we enter into the spring.  It’s seasonal to our geographic location, not necessarily the ‘calendar’ definition of the seasons.

I just watched an attractive young woman walk by.  It’s hard to think of such a creature dying any time soon.  Odds are it’s the farthest thing from her mind right now, as she walks across the road.  Yet how many people die doing just that, crossing a road, not thinking about it, not aware the end is nigh?  Is it in the Spring?

Oddly I think it may happen most, don’t know, more in Spring.  Why? Because we’re out enjoying ourselves, the weather’s nice, and we are more care free.  Think about it.  Have you ever driven a bit more quickly down a country road, not worrying about the speed limit, just because it’s the first truly nice day you’ve had in 5 months?  Funny thing is, the police officer following behind you are doing the exact same thing.

So, why the spring?  Is it because people harden themselves to make it through the cold stiff winter?  Now, with spring, they relax, and drift to sleep?  Or, might it be having exhausted one’s self going through the heat of summer, and similarly, are prepared to relax and rest as winter approaches?

She died in the Spring. Why?