Shakespeare strikes Howell High School

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Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” is coming to the Howell High School on Nov. 12th, 13th, and 14th. This classic romantic comedy has a cast of nearly 40 hard-working students who have rehearsed day after day to make sure the show ends perfectly.

“As You Like It” is all about falling in love. The main character, Rosalind, and her devoted cousin, Celia, reside in the kingdom Celia’s father now rules after overthrowing his brother, Rosalind’s father, and allowing Rosalind to stay. After a sudden fit of rage, Rosalind is forced to leave and her dedicated sidekick follows her.

They secretly use alter egos: Rosalind becoming a man (Ganymede) and Celia becoming a peasant. They go into the forest outside the kingdom, hoping to find Rosalind’s father. Along the way, Rosalind and Celia run into Rosalind’s love interest, Orlando, who believes Rosalind is really a boy!

This action packed play includes the famous lines, “What think you of love?” and “All the world is a stage.” There will be hippies, ’60s music, snapshots from some very important ’60s moments, and even a big dance number!

Sound interesting? Then come see “As You Like It” at the Howell High School!!