Radio Bloviator Steve Greene is the white, male, Rosa Parks of the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest

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“We Shall Overcome.”

Howell, MI: You have done it again. Will you never tire of the injustices you inflict?

First, it was Grand Poobah of the Knights of the KKK, Robert Miles, and then later the Klan rally on Howell Courthouse Steps because, you know — the constitution — and now this latest travesty in which Medical Marijuana Radio Jockey Steve Greene was blocked by the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce from doing his pot broadcast in a hot air balloon or whatever he was trying to do up there during Balloonfest.  We’re not really sure exactly, but it sounds just like the kind of half-baked idea a pothead would come up with. Suddenly though, it was like straight up 1960s Selma, AL. all over again — except without the firehoses and the police K-9s attacking black people, and that Steve Greene is a privileged white male. But whateves! Yeah, it was like that, totally.

Greene had this to say upon being asked to leave the site of the festival grounds:

“I was escorted from the building as if I was someone’s trash,” he said. “They made me feel like a black man at a restaurant in the South in the ’50s… I can’t believe this town once mired with the KKK label for its… its special relationship with Cohactah — its spatial relationship with Cohactah, and the Robert Miles farm…. would still participate in such political discrimination and shooing.” 

He added: “Our credentials were lynched; we were banished.”

People, it’s like the Freedom Riders, only with balloons and not buses, and instead of real live people getting lynched, credentials are lynched.

See the connection? No? Welp, that could be because there is no connection at all whatsoever!

But — hey — don’t let that stand in your way, Steve! Points to you for trivializing a very dark time in our nation’s history in which innocent people were made to suffer by insinuating that you, a white man from Oakland County, could possibly know anything about what it was like to live as a black man in the segregation south.  Yes, just go right on ahead and cynically capitalize on what is actually a real issue for our community — racial diversity — that has real consequences and affects real people, and in which real people, and not useless self-aggrandizers like yourself, are actually trying to do something about.  Because it’s very important that you cry your big giant cry baby tears on the radio and wage petty war on a community group that is just trying to make Howell a little less boring for a few days.

So you get the fuck out. You get the fuck out right now, Steve. And take your shoddy credentials and your pasty crew of privileged white men with you.

But, you ask, is there any other reason to not like Steve Greene very much, other than the fact that his willingness to exploit the racist agonies of a whole demographic of people for his own ends is pretty much the best reason ever that socially conscious white people might need to perpetuate a deep-seated hatred toward their own race? Why, of course there is! He is also a misogynist canoe of douche.

Not content to just shit on black history, he took it one step further during his Saturday radio broadcast, to take a moment to hate on the ladyeez a bit, because it was the ladyeez– specifically Chamber President Pat Convery and Balloonfest Director Michelle Tokan — who dared to refuse him entry. Guess his deep-seated concern for the injustices brought about by prejudice don’t really extend to the vagina set. Don’t worry, Steve — nothing new there!

“You know, it’s a bunch of cackling women up there — you know about the cackling women?” Greene asked, which was followed by this HI-larious voiceover (no tacky 80s zoo crew style radio show is complete without one) saying “I don’t listen to women yelling, I tell them to shut up!” Then Greene is all, “You know, that’s what we say about that.”  Then, shortly after, there was this charming voice-over saying “All women are evil, lying bitches.” 

These uppity, evil bitches with their cacklin’– the nerve they have telling Steve Greene “No!” Well, haha, that ought to show them! You tell those ladies to shutup and that you have a penis and will not be silenced. And way to win people over to your side of the debate by associating people who don’t care for your political views with the KKK. Seriously, I find it very hard to dislike anything associated with the issue of legalizing marijuana, especially for medical reasons, but you have somehow made this possible for me by you just being you.

Now go get out there and wait for someone to spray you with a firehose for being pro-pot so you can back up some of the idiotic things you say.

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  1. After this clown Steve and his minions ran their mouths to the local tabloid and in the comment section comparing this to the infamous dead guy, I stopped caring about anything that they had to say, and that’s coming from someone who actually has no problem with people smoking medical marijuana being allowed (as long as one doesn’t drive afterward) although I personally haven’t touched the stuff in 12 years.

    My speculation is that he was kicked out by the “backwoods screwballs” (his words) for being a jackass telling the organizers how ‘important’ he was and how this big shot “graced backwoods Livingston County with his presence”. Waaaaaaaaaaa. Man up, Steve. Get over it. I’ve been kicked out of places too before. It happens.

    Do everybody a favor, Steve. Stay out of my backwoods county.

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