Republicans wimpy, Dems cynical on illegal immigration issue

When I see the leading GOP candidates for the presidency wimping out on the immigration issue for fear of offending their base, I am more than disgusted. I feel like throwing up. The Republican candidates who would deport 12 million “illegals” from Mexico make common street walkers look saintly.

Not that the card shark Democrats are any more appetizing.

The GOP cretins of whom I speak have promised to deport all the illegals in this country no matter how long
they have been here or how honorably they have behaved over the last 20 years. I would not dignify them by calling them mere hypocrites. The Pharisees and scribes who beleaguered Jesus were merely confused compared to this GOP stable.

Fortunately, among the intellectually viable Republican candidates, Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman have spoken out in favor of some method of selectively allowing those “illegals” who have been here for many years to earn their citizenship in lieu of separating them from their families and tossing them across the Rio Grande.

Gingrich says his proposal is the only humane way to treat such folks.

Why? The fact is that for the last 20 years this country has given a nod and wink to the practice of allowing “illegals” to come and work here for minimum wages, cutting lawns and picking beans or strawberries, often work that well-fed Americans would not take. In short, their presence here was “legal” in any reasonable interpretation of the law. When officialdom ignores the law as it is written, the law as it is practiced becomes the reality.

Outrageous? Insane? Think about the real speed limit on our freeways. I am not aware of drivers being ticketed so long as they drive at or under 80 mph. Drunk drivers? The prosecutors in almost every county in the state permit a first-time offender to plead guilty to the less serious charge of “impaired driving.” In fact, I suspect that any lawyer who allowed his first-time offender client plead guilty as charged in such a case would be guilty of malpractice.

The point is that often the real law is the way the written word is interpreted and practiced. And the truth is that Mexican citizens were encouraged to come to the United States to take jobs that nobody else wanted. The government (both parties) allowed them to come here, and it is the height of hypocrisy to now act outraged — maybe not for Mr. and Mrs. Average but certainly for the politicians who know better.

Keep in mind that we are talking about men and women who came here possibly 20 years ago, married and produced children and grandchildren, worked hard at various jobs, and committed no serious crimes. Do we really want to throw such people out, separating them from children and grandchildren who were born here and are American citizens? Potentially we would be handcuffing and deporting the father or grandfather of a young man or woman who served or even died in Iraq or Afghanistan defending our nation’s ideals of justice and fair play.

Every GOP candidate I know of, including Gingrich and Huntsman, insists that we first seal our borders against illegal immigration, and that makes sense. Only then can we realistically deal with those who came here ‘illegally.” I could not agree more. It is either soft headed or deceitful to think that we can do one and not the other.

The Democrats would win the compassion trophy were it not for the cynicism that infests their approach to immigration from Mexico. Take care of the illegals, and then we can solve the problem of porous borders, they say. This is a blatant pitch for the growing “Hispanic” vote in this nation. The federal government refuses to enforce the law by failing to provide adequate resources to stop illegal immigration. If there has in fact been a decline in such immigration, it is attributable to the sour economy and not any effort of the any Administration.

Frankly, it is hard sometimes to divine the positions of the candidates when they are given 30 seconds to state their position on a complex question like immigration or health care (as happened at the last debate). Sometimes I wish the talking heads who run the debates would condense their whole time on their regular television shows to 30 seconds. That might leave us time to visit our children or pet the dog.

I know that Rick Perry takes a more compassionate approach, although for a host of reasons his campaign appears to be on life support. Unfortunately, it’s hard to take him seriously.

Besides the word “illegals,” the shibboleth “amnesty” is being tossed around and used against GOP candidates. That’s strange, because amnesty is so much in the American tradition. The leaders of the Confederacy were given amnesty, and so were the fellows who fled to Canada rather than bear arms for their country in Vietnam. Many a crook has been pardoned by a President about to leave office.

Is it any wonder that Americans feel manipulated, confused, and betrayed by their leaders?

Does anyone remember Alfred E. Neuman? Besides “What, me worry?” he said, “People aren’t acting stupid, it’s the real thing.”

I’d vote for him. Where is he when we need him.

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