Report: Reckling is “shaking the trees” for a possible run at Secretary of State

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The Lansing political newsletter MIRS is reporting that Meghan Reckling, chair of the Livingston County Republican Party, is one of four Republicans looking at running for Secretary of State in 2022.

Reckling, who ran unsuccessfully for state representative in 2020, would be looking to challenge incumbent Democrat Jocelyn Benson if she ended up being the GOP’s pick next year.

Reckling was mentioned along with Ottawa County Clerk Justin Roebuck, State Rep. Beau LaFave and Chesterfield Township Clerk Cindy Berry as the four Republicans who are looking at running for Secretary of State.

The report said, “MIRS has learned Reckling is shaking the trees and finding some support for a younger conservative leader as the Secretary of State. She’s shown to be a strong organizer and a straightforward, trustworthy communicator to the public.”

State Rep. Ann Bollin, R-Brighton Township, had been interested in the race, but she officially withdrew last week. Former President Donald Trump has given his endorsement to Kristina Karamo for the position, but MIRS reports that GOP insiders doubt that Karamo could win a statewide race against Benson. Hence the push for one of the four other Republicans, including Reckling, to enter the race.

Meghan Reckling

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  1. Change the headline: “Local partisan hack and inexperienced megalomaniac seeks state-wide office after loosing abysmally to former sheriff in State House race”. All in all, her constant pursuit for higher office seems weird. How about a run for Handy Township trustee, perhaps?

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