Reader defeats Vailliencourt in Republican primary for county prosecutor

William Vailliencourt and David J. Reader

Former Livingston County Circuit Court Judge David Reader’s commanding lead remained steady throughout the vote counting, and he went on to defeat Livingston County Prosecutor William Vailliencourt in the Republican primary.

Reader’s lead remained steady at around 70 percent throughout; he ended up with 23,847 votes (69.24 percent), while Vailliencourt received 10,592 votes (30.76 percent) in what was the hottest Livingston County primary race this season..

In addition to a commanding vote lead, Reader also had a fundraising lead, out-raising Vailliencourt by a large margin. Reader reported raising a total of $105,371, which included $65,000 of his own money; Vailliencourt raised just $20,430.

The winner takes on Democrat Ragan Lake in the fall.

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