Put on your mask and help save some lives

Oh, for goodness sake, people. A little perspective, please.

Within minutes of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer mandating masks in all indoor places and some outdoor places, and putting penalties in place for those who don’t follow the rules, Facebook started blowing up with the kind of whining one would expect from spoiled toddlers.

We are in the middle of a pandemic. People are dying. We can’t even leave our country because other countries — including Canada, the very nicest country in the world — fear us bringing in COVID-19 and infecting them.

Who’s the s—hole country, now? It’s us.

There’s one simple thing we can do to save ourselves and our loved ones and even people we don’t know: WEAR A MASK. And by doing so, we might even be able to travel outside our borders again.

Mask use isn’t that much of an imposition. You want real sacrifice? How about storming the beaches of Normandy; or saying goodbye to our loved ones via Zoom and dying alone. We don’t have to make a Sophie’s choice, for chrissakes.

All we’re being told to do is wear a mask.

Of all the sacrifices people can make, wearing a mask ranks right up there with having to eat soup with a teaspoon, or getting a substitution on our grocery list. Wearing a mask is next to nothing.

Think about it: We are being asked to do next to nothing, and by doing so very little, we can accomplish so very much. We will save lives.

This is something of which we can all be proud. We can tell our grandkids that we helped save lives, or we can tell them that we were too selfish to don a mask, COVID-19 continued to ravage the country, and we’re so very sorry but there will never be in-person school again.

The choice was, at one time, for each of us to make.

But no more.

We will now be penalized for not wearing masks because so many of us proved we wouldn’t do it if asked nicely. We wouldn’t do it even to save lives. That says a lot more about us than it does about our governor, so quit with the clever nicknames and thank her for stepping up; someone needs to be the adult in the state, after all.

There are some who compare wearing a mask to wearing a seatbelt. But there’s one big difference: a seatbelt saves one life; masks save many lives.

So, wear your mask and don’t forget to check the stop the drop initiative options, they offer great quality masks for everyone!

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