Open-campus dramatics at Howell High School

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At the end of the school year in 2009, it was brought to the attention of the school that having an open campus for lunch may not be the best thing for the school. Trash was left all over the parking lot and a lot of people were sick of cleaning up the mess.

So what did my fellow Howell High School students want to do to get the open campus lunch times back? There were two plans, both made by separate groups of people.

Plan A- Bring brown bag lunches, then buy lunch the next day after the school has made less food, assuming not many people will eat. This would confuse the school and make an obvious statement that the students want their open campus back again.

Plan B- A walk out during third hour. Students would walk out of their third hour for lunch and eat in the parking lot. For many students, this was too extreme and for several others it was an excuse to ditch class. A plan like this would only work if hundreds of students walked out so they could not be punished.

Principal Moran warned students that if they used this extreme route, they would be suspended.

As you can imagine, most students chose plan A, but so far it hasn’t worked. Yet it’s the talk of the entire school.

Most everyone wants open campus back. The question is, how are they going to get it? Freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors alike are fighting for something, but whether they all walk out of class or bring in brown paper bags, it’s still all left up to Mr. Moran and the staff.

Students can only hope that they will have a chance to prove themselves more worthy of the privilege than previous years.