Of Jon Bon Jovi, ceiling wax, proper comma strings

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Sharing stuff on Facebook is always interesting.

The things my Facebook friends seem to like best revolve around grammar. Maybe it’s because I’m a wordie, or because I know so many wordies, or that so many of us are challenged wordies. But there are always things to learn.

Recent favorite wordie-shares I’ve posted include:

• The past, the present and the future walk into a bar. It was tense.

• Grammar: The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

Now I have struck a chord in not one, but two online worlds this week: Facebook and Pinterest. And this chord had nothing to do with grammar; instead it had everything to do with music. Kind of.

Seems the girls do love Jon Bon Jovi.

The New Jersey rocker, who celebrated his 50th birthday earlier this month, steamed up my Facebook and Pinterest feeds.

The photo — which is rather racy, I must say — is not the type of thing I generally share. Eschewing photos of nearly naked men or the dinner I threw together, I generally post stuff that deals with journalism or the evil empire that is Gannett; anything remotely grammatical and amusing; photos of my kid doing any number of things you may find mundane but I find enchanting; things I’ve written, whether they’re any good or not because you’ve got to pimp your stuff these days; and anything Stephen Colbert does or says.

Dozens of folks shared the photo of Bon Jovi I initially re-posted from a Facebook friend to cheer up another Facebook friend who just happens to be one of the world’s biggest Jon Bon Jovi fans, and who herself had just posted a photo of the cast she’s wearing on her leg not for attention but for some real, medical reason. (Note: I’ve not talked to this friend in months, but I keep up on her via Facebook.)

This was a friend who clearly needed a little get-well cheering up, so I sent a little Bon Jovi her way.

I was surprised. It seems lots of my Facebook friends needed the special kind of cheering up that only Jon Bon Jovi could deliver.

So, for fun (and to research this hastily pulled together post), I pinned the Jon Bon Jovi photo on one of my Pinterest boards to see how it would do.

That scream you thought you heard just a little bit ago? It was Jon Bon Jovi shrieking across the digital divide from all the re-pinning he was enduring in the name of, well, Blessed Bon Jovi-ness.

But enough about a nearly naked, really handsome and totally cool father of four who’s been happily married to the same woman for over two decades.

Here’s my favorite Facebook share of the past few months, featuring naked, really cute animals illustrating the importance of the comma:

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  1. JBJ is a little distracting there, Maria. What were you talking about? Oh, yeah, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation. I read an article a while back about a group of guys out to save the world from apostrophe abuse. It seems they ran around with Sharpies and White-out always at hand, ready to correct anything and everything at a moment’s notice. And I want to be one of them and thought maybe we could start some kind of club in Livingston County.

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