New event planning tool for Livingston County’s non-profit organizations

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DateKeeper, a free website specializing in event management for Non-Profit organizations, has launched and is officially ready for use by Livingston County!

DateKeeper’s mission is to help Non-Profits to successfully plan and manage events, while ensuring that those events aren’t conflicting with others taking place nearby. By providing a free community planning resource, DateKeeper is helping to maximize event attendance at local charity functions, and prevents patrons from being forced to choose between events that overlap.

In order for DateKeeper to begin working properly, every Non-Profit in Livingston County is advised to begin posting events today!

Post Your Events Free Now!

Wondering how to add events to DateKeeper? Click here to watch a short 3 minute video and find out just how easy it really is.

For additional questions, you can contact the DateKeeper staff  here.

Be sure to stay tuned for DateKeeper’s  free built-in ticketing system coming soon…