More Things to Love About Pinckney and a few that…well, not so much

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School and community pride (love) – and the need for a walking path to the high school (not so much), all in one photo

It’s pretty funny that it took someone who lives in Gregory to write about cool things in Pinckney. But then, an article about Gregory would be…short, I suppose. No offense to Gregory residents, and yeah, you can take that as a challenge to come up with your own list! Pinckney probably doesn’t need two!

I wasn’t sure I had lived in Pinckney long enough to come up with a companion piece to Buddy Moorehouse’s recent “10 Things I Love About Pinckney and 5 Things I Don’t,” (most of which I agree with) but I think the 8 years I served as Village President gave me Bonus Resident Years, and God knows I have the gray hairs to prove it.

And I have to say here that I was instrumental in getting Taco Bell to Pinckney just to shut him up about it already.

Things I love, by no means a comprehensive list, and in no particular order:

Parades: I swear we must import spectators. It’s just not possible that all those people live in little old Pinckney. The crowds are crazy on Main Street, rain or shine, no matter what the occasion. Maybe it’s the free candy. You say your helping your kids, but we both know you’re stuffing your pockets with the good stuff. And I love that parade floats are anything from fancy cars to pickup trucks, hay wagons and dump trucks.

Busch’s Grocery Store: OK, it’s not technically downtown, but it’s just a mile down the road, although in Livingston County Miles I guess that’s like a 5K. And yeah, the prices are a little high, but that’s what coupons are for, right? And the meat, produce and deli sections are fabulous. I did like it better when the milk was upfront near the registers, that cut at least 30 minutes off what would normally be a standard five minute “run out and get milk” errand anywhere else. In Pinckney, it’s social hour. I joke with friends that I’ll meet them in Produce, except I’m not really joking, and neither are they when they say “Yep.”

Pinckney Community Schools: They need to feel some love here, people. They spent a lot of years in danger of just going away, which would mean we all would have to ship our kids to Brighton or Howell. And that’s like, super far away, a double marathon in Livingston County Miles. But things are slowly turning around, and it looks like we will get to keep the largest employer in Pinckney and major franchise player in our community. Which means our kids can continue to get the good (if not great) education and all the clubs, sports, activities that come with it…and parades! Plus, community education is awesome, encouraging us older folks live the dream by teaching us to scuba dive, play chess and belly dance. All at the same time.

Community pride and support: We are small-town, we are rural, we get called “hicks” and we are good with that. Because we take care of our own, we support our people, we’re proud of what we do and who we are. We acknowledge things that need fixing, no matter how ugly they are. And in some ways, we don’t care what you think, except when what you think is untrue, misguided and hurtful. Want to paint our entire community with broad brush? Think a few bad apples spoils the bunch? Watch out. Mama Bear Pinckney is gonna come out in all of us.

Pizza for every palate: Small town, one pizza joint, right? Ha. No. We have three in the village limits alone, four if you count La Vita Bistro and their high-falutin’ artisanal pizza (don’t get me wrong, it’s great!). Five if you count Subway’s flat bread things. Which I don’t, but hey, tastes may vary. Within 5 miles or so? At least 50 more. OK maybe not 50, but at least 5, right?

Art in the Park: Art, crafts, music, dance, community, and Giant Pierogies. Need I say more?

These things…eh, not so much you know?

Community pride and support: But, that’s listed up there with the good stuff! Yes it is. But it’s also here in things I don’t like – because we don’t have enough of it. This is definitely in the “can’t get too much of a good thing” category. You live here. If you aren’t proud of your community, what are you doing for positive change?

No brewpub: Where is the brewpub? Why is there no brewpub?

Community whining: “There’s nothing to do here” and that’s not just the usual refrain from the kids. I hear it from adults. My dad used to tell us “Only boring people are bored,” and we HATED it when he said that, but guess what? He was right. Initiative. It’s what’s for breakfast.

No safe path to the high school: It can be a dirt trail, I don’t care, but let’s get kids (and adults!) walking, running and biking to school with a safe pathway that keeps everyone off Dexter-Pinckney Road. And yes, it’s complicated. But let’s get it going.

Post office: Is there a slower post office anywhere in the United States? I also think it’s the only one that doesn’t open until 9 am. What is up with that? I understood the wait when it was tiny and located on South Howell Street. At Christmas, you might end up in line outside, that’s how small the lobby was. Then they moved into the old Busch’s grocery store on M36. Bigger space, presumably more staff, same glacial pace. You don’t have to stand in line outside anymore, so I guess that’s a bonus.


We need one of these lists for Hell! And Hamburg.

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  1. Guess what Rebecca? The post office doesn’t open until 9:30! Yikes!

    • Even worse! Of course, now they probably won’r deliver my mail…

  2. Oh, I don’t think it’s better – it’s a supplement! Such a cool idea.

  3. OK, so your list is better than mine! Great observation on needing a path to the high school. As for my hometown, I’m not sure I could come up with a list of 10 things to love about Gregory, because I don’t think there are 10 things IN Gregory! But I love all of them!

    And God bless you for bringing Taco Bell to Pinckney, Rebecca. You’re right – that will shut me up!

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