Menzel leaving for top educational spot in Washtenaw County

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I am happy for Scott Menzel, superintendent of the Livingston Educational Service Agency, who is leaving for the top educational spot in Washtenaw County this summer.

It’s a bigger job in a larger county, a step up in terms of career trajectories. Since Menzel came to the Livingston County post from a district superintendency  in Washtenaw County, it’s also kind of like he’s going home again.

That said, I’m sorry Menzel’s time in Livingston County won’t be longer.

Menzel understands the sentiment.

“You can’t control when job openings occur,” he said.

He’s right.

So, I wish him well. I am glad his time in Livingston County has been so positive and productive. There have been lots of good steps taken during his too-short tenure here, including a positive focus on collaboration and sharing of services and resources.

I’d not be surprised to see some collaborative ventures between Livingston and Washtenaw counties in the near future.

Menzel well understands how education fits into the larger picture of community, and he grasps the reality of education in these treacherous economic times.

Menzel’s smart. He’s technologically savvy. And I don’t think the Washtenaw superintendency is the end of his educational climb. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Menzel serving as Michigan’s state superintendent one day.

I wish him well, but selfishly I am sad: is losing a great blogger and Livingston County is losing a great educational leader.

Rumor has it that the Livingston County post will be filled from the ranks of one of its five district superintendents. We’ll see.

Whoever it might be has some big shoes to fill.

Livingston County’s loss is truly Washtenaw County’s gain.

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