Meet the cast of “The WCTH Mystery Series”: Pinckney’s Jacob Bloom makes his CTH debut in radio drama

The Community Theatre of Howell’s popular “WCTH Mystery Series” continues on Sunday, April 11, with a performance of two radio-style mystery dramas: “Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Dead Adventuress” and “Ellery Queen: Mr. Short and Mr. Long.”

The audience will get to journey back in time to the golden age of radio, as the WCTH cast acts out the dramas. All performances take place at the Howell High School Freshman Campus, 1400 W. Grand River Ave., Howell.

Admission is free for all shows. Masks must be worn in the audience and social distancing will be observed.

From now through Sunday, the Livingston Post will be introducing you to members of the “WCTH Mystery Series” cast.

In today’s story, we meet Jacob Bloom, a high school junior from Pinckney.

How did you first become involved with CTH? How many shows have you been involved with?

Jacob Bloom

This is actually my first time ever being involved with CTH, I got referred to go here through a woman named Mrs. Blaszkowski. I’ve been heavily involved in Pinckney’s theatre programs with the Act 2 Theatre Company and I did a couple of shows a few years back with Pinckney Players junior shows. Putting all these together, I’ve done around seven shows not including the “WCTH Mystery Series” and Act 2’s current production of “Putnam County Spelling Bee.”

What are some favorite roles or theater experiences from the past, either with CTH or other groups?

By far my favorite roles I’ve ever done were Jack Scott in “High School Musical” or Frank Abagnale Senior in “Catch Me If You Can” through the Act 2 Theatre Company. Both of these roles were very different but exciting roles that I feel brought a lot of depth to the show and were pretty big parts,

With Jack Scott especially, the director let me take some liberties with it allowing me to break the fourth wall to the level up hyping up the audience and making them cheer. While “Catch Me If You Can” was canceled through COVID-19, it was probably my most heartfelt role.

What do you like most about being involved with CTH?

What I love about being involved with this CTH production is that this is the first time I’ve been able to fully delve into voice acting, which is something I find very interesting.

Tell us about the WCTH Radio Hour shows and why you like these shows.

The WCTH Radio Hour shows are these great throwback shows, highlighting stories of Sherlock Holmes and Ellery Queen’s mysteries that they solve and we get to tell these stories through our great cast and live sound effects!

I love these shows because it’s so different than anything I have done before; it’s unique. I love the chance to start voice acting with these great people and I love the way that we create live sound effects to fully immerse everyone into the show.

What can the audience expect with these productions?

The audience can expect a great performance that transports them to another time and place, to the day of sitting in front of a radio and listening to a story and visualizing it for yourself. I hope you all catch a show and enjoy what you listen to.

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