March makes spectacular exit

A double rainbow over Lake Chemung, taken on March 31. (Photo by Tim Robinson)
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March went out like a lion and a lamb on Thursday.

It’s always a long season in Michigan, regardless of the amount of snow and cold we slog through for most of four months.

But then you have moments like Thursday, just before sundown. It came about a half-hour after a quick-moving cold front sparked heavy rain for a few minutes on the lake where I live.

I had the windows open and looked out and saw the sun’s rays reflected off the houses across the water.

Then I saw it. A brilliant rainbow. Then I saw the second rainbow.

A double rainbow over Lake Chemung, taken on March 31. (Photo by Tim Robinson)
A double rainbow over Lake Chemung, taken on March 31. (Photo by Tim Robinson)

Rainbows are always, it seems, more brilliant in person than in pictures, but this one photographed pretty well. The reflection on the lake was brilliant, too.

April marks what most people begin as spring. The weather won’t necessarily be an indicator, with another cold snap upon us, but the grass is growing and the temperatures the last couple of days were around 60.

It’s been worth the wait. Already, I’ve seen water-skiers on the lake, a speedboat making a couple of laps, testing its engine, and the most obsessed of boat owners have their pontoons in the water, ready for the next 65-degree day.

The Tigers begin play next week for real, while we await the fates of the Red Wings and Pistons and their playoff hopes.

But it’s also a time for renewal, of spring cleaning in and out, for new beginnings in a way that Jan. 1 only wishes it could be.

My sister, on seeing the photo, pronounced it “God’s promise.” The writer pointed out the storm had more to do with it, but there’s nothing saying we’re both right. It was, for sure, a beautiful moment, one that persuades us that spring is here.

Baseball fans know the feeling well, back when Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell would recite a verse from the Song of Solomon on the first broadcast from Florida: The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.

It’s nice to hear at the beginning of March. It’s much nicer to see happen in April.

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  1. We saw it, too. I’ve never seen one before from my house, nestled in a wooded valley in Brighton. Remarkable! Hello, April!

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