Love + Pinckney: Rally focusing on solutions to heroin problem

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The Pinckney area has experienced 11 or more heroin overdoses leading to death and two suicides in a little over a year, and three students whose friends have died have something to say to the community about that. They think it’s time to focus on what is positive and not what is negative, and on solutions instead of problems.

They will get a chance to speak their minds on Thursday at 7:00 p.m., when there will be a rally at Jane Tasch Performing Arts Center. Mark Weaver, one of the organizers of the event, keeps hearing that kids just don’t feel loved. He says the event, which will also include free food, live music and a poetry reading, is intended to communicate hope.

Some of the organizations that are involved include TWLOHA Storytellers Campaign, Fearlessly Beautiful, PHS Positive Peer Influence, and 2|42 Community Church.

Click here to see video with more information.