Livingston Loves Lit: Gone Girl

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Welcome to the Livingston Loves Lit corner. This will be a virtual space for self-proclaimed book geeks to gather and share our love of all things books. I will facilitate on-line discussions of a book that we can read as a group as well as post about my own reading adventures.

The first book for September/October is “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. I have heard nothing but great things about this from book reviews to personal recommendations. Nick and Amy Dunne are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary when Amy disappears. Nick’s subsequent odd behavior makes people wonder what, if anything, he may have had to do with his wife’s disappearance. Once Amy’s diary is discovered, her high level of perfectionism puts another twist on a couple that everyone thought they knew, leading couples all over town to wonder how well they actually know the person they are married to. It is a love story, mystery and psychological thriller all in one.

If you are so inclined, please join me in discovering if it lives up to a review that declares “Gone Girl” to be “suspenseful, inventive, chilling, funny, unsettling.” And feel free to leave your questions and reactions as you read as well as your own recommendations for future books to discuss in the comments.

I am looking forward to sharing my love of reading with you! After all, books are meant to connect us to a wider world, expose us to experiences and people we may not encounter in our real lives and forums such as this allow us to connect to each other through our love of books.


  1. Well Kim, I screwed up…. I got the book and read the whole thing already! Very mind twisting…. And I don’t mean in a cop sort of way…. I mean ‘mind’ twisting… Lol

    • There’s no right or wrong way to do this, Jody:) It’s encouraging to hear that you read it so fast. I’m almost halfway through but I have to force myself to put it down at night and go to sleep!

  2. Congratulations on the new gig, Kim! Can’t wait to read more.

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