Livingston Loves Lit: November/December Pick

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We are heading into the last eight weeks of 2012 and with that comes the barrage of holiday commitments that can leave us feeling less than joyful at what is meant to be the most joyful time of year. For this next book club selection, I’m going the non-fiction route with “Thrive- Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way” by Dan Buettner. He set out on a quest to discover what makes us authentically happy by visiting people from Denmark to Singapore, from Mexico to California and speaking with economists, psychologists, sociologists among other experts. Does money make a difference in our levels of happiness? What about gender?  Living on a beautiful beach? You may be surprised at the answers.

Instead of focusing on yet another list of resolutions to improve or fix ourselves in the new year, let’s read about what brings authentic happiness to the happiest people on the world. It may be closer than we think.