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Okay, let’s jump into discussing Part 2 of “Gone Girl.”

1. Part 2 starts off with a shocking sentence. Or was it? Did you suspect this about Amy?

2. Nick and Amy lie so much. At what point were you aware of their deceit? Did you, as the reader, feel deceived?

3. Were you Team Amy or team Nick? Did your allegiance change at any point?

4. Who would you want to play Nick and Amy in the movie?

5. The ending… did it work for you?

My answers

1. I suspected something was off with her but not that she was a complete psychopath.

2. I had a hard time trusting either one of them. They both felt unreliable as narrators of their stories. 

3. Through Part 1, I wasn’t on either team. Part 2, once the real Amy was revealed , I hoped that Nick could find a way to get out from under her control.

4. Hmmm… Mark Ruffalo and  Naomi Watts.

5. Sigh.. the ending… it just didn’t do it for me. First,I felt duped by Amy and thus, the writer. Second, having her be pretty much a psychopath, never showing any remorse felt like a cop-out, an easy answer for a complicated story. And are we supposed to believe that she was born that way or that being the inspiration for Amazing Amy nudged her into such mentally unstable territory? In the end, neither one of them really changed at all.   Well, maybe Nick a little. I got the feeling he stayed with her for the baby’s sake and for once, he was thinking of somebody other than himself, so that was a change. 

What about you? Any comments or other questions you’d like to raise? Please join the discussion by commenting below. Feel free to leave suggestions for future books in the comments as well. And next week I will announce our next book!


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