Livingston Christian Schools seniors skip “Senior Skip Day” to serve

While most seniors look forward to the annual “senior skip day” tradition fellow classmates have passed down, the seniors at Whitmore Lake’s Livingston Christian Schools are changing the rules.

Since transferring to a new building four years ago, the class of 2014 wanted to keep the facility in mint condition and dismissed their usual senior prank. They replaced it with a random acts of kindness day. Since then, seniors have carried on the tradition of trading a day off for a day of service.

On May 4, senior Rebekah Miller set out with her class of 15 seniors to try to complete 18 acts as the class of 2018.

Their good deeds included giving donuts to teachers, leaving cookies for the Regency Whitmore Lake Nursing Home, leaving popcorn at the Meijer Redbox, and setting goodie bags on cars with Bible verses attached to them.

“We had eight bouquets that we gave out to random people. One of our classmates said she handed flowers to a lady (who said she) was having such a bad day, (and the student had) just made it so much brighter and gave her a hug. It was cool to hear about,” Miller said. “We also wrote letters for (Jacy Klein’s) brother who is in the Marines. Another one of our classmates (has an aunt and uncle) in the Army, so we wrote letters and sent those. At Leo’s, we left flowers for our waitress.”

Their final stops included giving a stranger a gift card to the Starbucks they were at. The woman had been considering sending her son to LCS, and said she would look into it because of their kindness. The rest of the day was spent giving cookies and letters to Whitmore Lake’s police officers and dropping off toys for animals at the Humane Society.

“It just brightened people’s days. We wanted to be the hands and feet of Christ,” Miller said. “It made a difference and showed people this is who we are and how we want to treat people and how we should treat everybody. We’re hoping it had an impact.”

The students of LCS are not strangers to community service. Every student is required to complete four hours of community service per quarter; regardless, this is one of the first projects they have completed as a group. The kindness does not only impact members of the community, but lifts the spirit of the seniors serving as well.

“(Random acts of kindness are important especially when) representing a Christian school,” said Jacy Klein, an LCS senior. “I always have to keep in mind Jesus and what he did for us. He always served and cared about others. I want to take that into our lives. (It is) really cool that we showed that to people (as a group). Even though we just gave them flowers, I think it had an impact on them in one way or another. Our principal really enforces (helping) others before yourself. (He promotes the) ‘what would Jesus do’ mentality. It shows through every single student.”

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