Letter to the Editor: Trump is not the lesser of two evils

All too often it’s been said that our Presidential election has been boiled down to the lesser of two evils. Many say, “Well, I’ll pinch my nose and vote for –.” I don’t see it that way at all. This presidential election is between two entirely different philosophies and two entirely different persons.

President Trump is running on a record of accomplishment while Mr. Biden is running from his record.

Four years ago Candidate Trump promised tax cuts and President Trump delivered them. Candidate Trump promised the return of manufacturing jobs to America and President Trump delivered them. Candidate Trump promised to make it harder for terrorists to enter our country and drugs to flow into our country by the building of a border wall. President Trump has delivered on over 400 miles of a border wall. Candidate Trump promised to appoint constitutionalists to the our Federal Courts and President Trump has done just that.

Four years ago Candidate Trump promised, like many candidates before him, to move the United States embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. President Trump delivered. The media at the time predicted gloom and doom because of the moving of our embassy. Yet the President just negotiated a historic peace treaty in the Middle East.

Four years ago pundits asked, “How many weeks will it take before Trump gets us into a war?” President Trump has returned many of our troops to American soil, has not engaged in any new military conflict and has been nominated for two Nobel Peace prizes because of the Peace Treaties he has negotiated.

Four years ago the media warned that a Trump Presidency would tank the United States economic markets. To the contrary our markets are at all-time highs. It was announced today that the poverty rate in our county (pre-Covid) was at an all-time low. Presdent Trump delivered on his promise to Make America Great Again and because Operation Warp Speed and the continuation of his economic agenda, America will continue in economic greatness under his leadership.

Joe Biden on the other hand has promised to increase taxes. Joe Biden supported NAFTA and helped drive manufacturing jobs out of the United States. Joe Biden has entered into an agreement with the far left, socialist wing of his party (manifesto with Bernie Sanders). Unlike the President, Joe Biden won’t tell us who he’d consider appointing to the Supreme Court. Joe Biden doesn’t support the building of the Border Wall.

The choice this year is not a decision between the lesser of two evils. It is a choice between a record of accomplishment and a legacy of failure. It’s a choice between economic prosperity and the collapse of our free enterprise system. This year the choice is easier than ever before and that’s why I’m supporting and voting for four more years of a Donald Trump presidency.

Randy Greene

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