LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why won’t Trump protect us against gun violence?

As President Trump sends, or threatens to send, federal agents into cities, his declaration that he is doing so to address gun violence is ludicrous. For more than three years, gun sense activists — from educators, to students, to gun sense organizations — have pleaded with this administration and members of Congress to pass reasonable gun sense laws to protect all citizens.  But the President has continued to align himself with the NRA.

The President’s recent actions have nothing to do with protecting victims from gun violence. They have everything to do with asserting powers that put our citizens, our Constitution, and our way of life at risk.

As a high school teacher for 40 years in Michigan public schools, I promised my students that I would stand between them and an active shooter. I meant it. Now I have the time to actively work in other ways to protect students. This country needs universal background checks. Red Flag laws, domestic partner initiatives, federally backed mental health programs, etc. to make it a safe place to live. I am willing to fight for these measures. Too bad our President isn’t.

Cindy Kalogeropoulos

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  1. Obama had 8 years do something. Is it easier to blame Trump than to look at who’s failed you for decades?

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