LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote NO, but take the dough

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The Livingston County Aeronautical Facilities Board recently received notice of a $295,000 grant for improvements at our county airport. This grant is the first of a handful of grants they should receive over the next 5 years as authorized under President Biden’s American Rescue Plan that was passed by Congress just a few months ago with just a few Republican votes.

I wanted to attend the board’s next meeting to check on this grant, and after a search of their website, which showed that the meeting would be virtual, and an exchange of emails, I found out that the next meeting was Dec. 22, that it would be in-person, and that a discussion of this grant was indeed on the agenda.

I showed up for the meeting and was greeted by a sign on the door that said “Masks are Required Beyond This Point.”  I was therefore surprised that not one board or staff member was masked. I asked about it and was told that Federal Law only required that the sign be posted.

At the first Call to The Public I stated that they seemed to have two basic choices:

1.  They could accept the grant, put it to good use to improve the airport and create jobs in our community; and send thank-you notes to President Biden and U.S. Rep. Slotkin;


2.  Since this is considered a Socialist program by the Republican majority in our county, they could return the grant. And as a fitting gesture, they could wrap it in one of their F**K Biden Flags. I also stated that I was embarrassed on how Livingston County Republicans greeted President Biden in November to urge defeat of this bill and that veterans should especially be ashamed.

Well, board chairman Bruce Hundley — husband of the Livingston County Clerk who is the mother of the Livingston County Republican Party chair — smiled and stated that information on the grant would be shared in the meeting.

During the meeting, a consultant hired by the board reported that the grant looked sound and should be worth $1.4M over five years; and it could provide funding for a long desired snow removal equipment building. He recommended and the board concurred that preliminary plans should be initiated.

At the final Call To The Public I opined that this seemed like a worthy project that will improve services and create jobs in our community, especially if work could commence promptly. I also said I would pass along U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s contact info for their thank-you note.

Once again the Republican hierarchy votes no on a program that creates jobs and helps our community, but then joyfully accepts the benefits. VOTE NO, BUT TAKE THE DOUGH!

Mike Tipton
Howell Township

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