LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thanks for all the hard work on the Nov. 3 General Election

Livingston County Clerk Elizabeth Hundley

The Livingston County Board of Canvassers completed canvassing the Nov. 3, 2020, General Election on Friday, Nov. 13.  Official election results are located on the County Clerk’s Election Division website.

Special thanks is due our city and township clerks for their hard work and dedication to making this historic election successful. Our clerks worked past exhaustion and overcame every challenge they faced allowing election day to proceed smoothly in Livingston County. Over 79% of registered voters cast a ballot this election with a record breaking 127,839 ballots cast. Nearly 62% — or a record setting 78,961 — absentee ballots were cast, while 48,878 ballots were cast in person on election day.

I commend the Livingston County Board of Canvasser members for their work on this election as well. This bipartisan board took every step possible to ensure the records for this election were completed accurately, precincts balanced, and paperwork prepared in the event a recount is requested.

Even with the canvass complete, my work on this election will continue.  Once election results are certified at the State level, post-election audits will be assigned.  This is one more step in the election process to ensure the integrity and reliability of our elections. Precincts will be randomly selected and the county clerk will conduct a thorough review of procedures a city or township clerk performed before, during, and after an election including a hand count of all ballots for the assigned jurisdiction along with a hand tally of selected contests to ensure the hand tally totals confirm the tabulator totals for the assigned jurisdiction. I look forward to this final step and know it is important to ensure the reliability of our election process.

Finally, thank you to the hundreds of election workers who stepped up to work in precincts and in absentee counting boards on election day. Your service is invaluable and we would not be able to conduct our elections without you!

Elizabeth Hundley
Livingston County Clerk

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