LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Someone’s stealing our signs and right to free speech

I am writing in regard to the utter dismay and disgust I have for my right to freedom of expression being continuously violated.

My husband and I support Joe Biden for president, as well as the other Democratic candidates running for election. We display our support with campaign signs, as many households do on both sides of the ticket. Although I do not understand why anyone would back Trump to continue to lead our country, I respect their right to demonstrate who they support.

In a few short weeks, we have had three Biden signs stolen, our flag pole and Biden flag taken, our other signs run over, and at least 10 campaign signs for Bill Cowan taken from locations all over Unadilla.

Gregory, Unadilla, has been our home for 25 years. We have lived here as a political minority for this whole time, and I have always tried to respect and work with everyone, no matter what side of the aisle they are on. I do this as trustee of the Unadilla Board, and I do this in every thread of my life!

Lori Cowan

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  1. It’s uncivil and unpatriotic to steal signs. Persons on one side who steal signs from the other sign don’t represent their party well! I wish you all the best as you continue to exercise your free speech right and hope that people don’t continue to steal your property. Shameful! You also mentioned in your comments that you try to “respect and work with everyone” yet I didn’t feel very respected when I read you stated, “I don’t understand why anyone would back Trump to continue to lead our country.” I also try to respect everyone. And I assume there are very good reasons to back a candidate who has served for 47 years without results anticipating something new and better in the next four. I think that people must have very good reasons to support a candidate who apparently used his position of power and trust to benefit his son, very likely illegally. And just like persons have reasons to support Mr. Biden, there are reasons others support President Trump. For example: He led the economy (pre-covid) to the best employment numbers in the history of our country. He has been nominated for four Nobel Peace Prizes due to his foreign policy successes, most of which are ignored by the media. He appointed two (soon to be 3) persons to the Supreme Court who make their decisions based on law, not on what they wished the law said. He helped our nation become energy independent. He supports religious liberty. He supports right-to-life. He built the wall and made our country safer. He rebuilt our military, brought many of our troops home and has our country better respected in the world. So, yes, I think there are plenty of reasons to back Trump to lead our county and respect that you have reasons why Mr. Biden should do so.

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