Letter to the editor: Slotkin uniquely qualified to represent us; as a former opponent, I know

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I was the first candidate to officially file to run against Mike Bishop in the 2018 election cycle. As an environmental lawyer who represented industry, a retired business owner, and devout Catholic I was well-suited to take him on.

Darlene Domanik

Then Elissa Slotkin entered the race. She was not only well qualified for the office, she was civil, cooperative, and, despite the fact that we came from very different life experiences, we shared the same values.

After the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) endorsed her I withdrew, because it became clear I would have to self-fund. It turned out to be the right decision; as the campaign continued, I came to know her very well.

She has had two years to show us who she is and what she can do. Despite the ugly atmosphere of hyper-partisanship, 10 of her 15 bills included a Republican sponsor. She is readily accessible to constituents, responsive, and keeps us well informed. Visit her offices: they are staffed with people who are compassionate as well as competent.

Elissa Slotkin’s service under both Democratic and Republican administrations, her experience in National Security during this time of cyber attacks, and her understanding of how the pandemic has affected the small business community as well as individuals, make her uniquely qualified to serve the 8th District at this extraordinary time.

I am proud to call her my friend. She was the right candidate in 2018, and she is the right one now.

Darlene Domanik

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