Letter to the editor: Sign thefts steal free speech

Recently, quite a few political yard signs for candidates affiliated with the Democratic Party have been taken from private properties.

These antics have been going on since the beginning of political campaigning in America. However, in today’s divisive political climate, where civility seems to be in such short supply, the theft of political signs seems to be amping up.

The First Amendment affords all of us freedom of speech and expression. This is pivotal in ensuring a democratic society. Please be vigilant and look out for the theft of your political signs. If any do go missing, report it to the sheriff’s office. I also encourage the use of trail cams where possible.

There is a common perception that removing a political sign from someone’s private property is of little legal consequence. On the contrary, it’s a crime punishable by a large fine or jail time. The importance of free expression and the right to endorse and promote our candidates is a large part of our cherished electoral tradition. Respecting American democracy is not demonstrated by resorting to the theft of property and suppression of free speech.

Brenda Lindsay

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