LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Republicans defying the will of the people on voting

In 2018, Michigan voters, by a 2-1 margin, approved Proposal 3, the most comprehensive election reforms in the state’s history, and Michigan’s constitution was amended to reflect the people’s voice. These changes contributed to record high voter turnout in 2020.

A record number of people voting scares the GOP because it usually means they lose. First, they lose, then they lie, and then they attempt to abuse their power to take away our right. More than 250 audits of Michigan’s 2020 elections confirm the results, yet Mike Shirkey and state senators pursue this manufactured cause with Senate Bills 273-311. Republicans ignore and disrespect what residents approved in 2018.

Local and county clerks, the administrators of Michigan elections, had no input on these bills. Prior to the 2020 elections, they requested changes to the recount law and increased processing time for absentee ballots. They too were ignored and discounted by Republicans.

These bills are political sabotage rather than improvements to Michigan’s voting process and another example of how Republicans defy the voice of the people. Obstructing voters and gerrymandering districts are what losers do.

Evelyn Gallegos

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