LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Republicans defying decision of voters on redistricting

Last November, voters approved an amendment to Michigan’s Constitution that restricts partisan legislative redistricting. This public authorization empowered the Secretary of State to create an independent commission of four Republicans, four Democrats, and five Independents to draw electoral districts.

The Michigan Freedom Fund, bankrolled by the DeVos family and a few other Republicans, filed a federal lawsuit contending that the selection process for participants on the Independent Redistricting Committee unjustly excludes political officials, political activists and their family members for six years after leaving office.

This lawsuit is another attack on a transparent electoral procedure and part of a continued effort of the DeVos family to make Michigan their subsidiary:

First, they opposed the ballot initiative, and the Michigan Supreme Court approved Proposition 2 for the November 2018 ballot. Now this absurd lawsuit is a political power grab that counteracts, delays and blocks the purpose of the amendment and may backfire on the Republicans.

Mistrust of politicians and elimination of political bias motivated many voters to approve Proposal 2.

The Center of Integrity designated Michigan the most corrupt state in the nation because of “dark money” campaign practices, so the creation of an independent commission to delineate our electoral districts is an opportunity to clean up our national image.

Republicans are defying the voters’ decision to end Michigan’s rigged system that benefits the party in power. Opposition to this voter-approved amendment is disrespectful, disdainful and dismissive of the public’s voice and undermines the democratic process.

Evelyn Gallegos

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