LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Not alternative facts

The “drain the swamp” president, who promised be tough on crime, saw eight of his close advisors either plead guilty to or be convicted of crimes that run the gamut from lying under oath to collusion with a foreign power.

This same leader, who claims to have hired the best, has fired at least 21 advisors, cabinet members and heads of departments in the federal government, and at least 40 others have resigned. (Brookings Institute. November 2019.) This is an unprecedented turnover.

Trump made over 13,435 false or misleading statements in 993 days according to the Washington Post fact-checking department. Some of those lies involve targeting this newspaper as a source of fake news. This same newspaper revealed the crimes of Richard Nixon leading to his resignation and has long been regarded around the world as a news source that has a trustworthy reputation.

Trump’s attacks on Clinton, for using an unsecured email account, pale in comparison to his unsecured cell phone conversation in Ukraine with Ambassador Sondland. During this call, David Holmes, an aide to a U.S. diplomat, was able to hear everything discussed. This cell phone can easily be hacked by interested parties.

Yet some people refuse to believe these facts.

Donna Gadbaw

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