LETTER TO THE EDITOR: National health care makes sense

Responding to the Coronavirus, Congress has appropriated $2.2 trillion, and is considering more. In addition to the economic and personal impact on those who become ill or die, stay-at-home devastates families and small business. How much will Coronavirus indirectly cost even those with health insurance? How many families will be destroyed economically?

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act justify their views based on its cost or infringement on liberty. Some believe that it’s the other guy’s problem. But how many sick people failed to seek treatment because they had no insurance, causing insured people to become ill? How much will the cost of health insurance increase? National health care is essential to the economic and personal health of every citizen. 18 states and the Trump Administration are trying to have the ACA declared unconstitutional. Despite claims that protections for pre-existing conditions and college students will continue, no legislation has been offered in three years.

Can’t we get together to support health coverage for all, as the least expensive way to assure liberty for each of us?

Tim Schnelle

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