LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McCormack and Welch for Michigan Supreme Court

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When it comes to the Michigan Supreme Court, I urge voters to reelect Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack, and elect Elizabeth Welch to the Michigan Supreme Court on November 3rd.

McCormack has a proven track record, having spent nearly eight years working tirelessly on the court.  She is so respected that her colleagues – a majority of whom were nominated by the opposing party – chose her to serve as chief justice.  Her tenure has been marked by independent rulings while working to make Michigan’s 242 trial courts more accessible and efficient.

Welch has dedicated her 25-year legal career to employment law, public school advocacy, conservation leadership, election protection work, and extensive community service.

Together, McCormack and Welch bring integrity, fairness and experience where it is needed most.

Don’t give your ballot back until you vote for Welch and McCormack!  Look for their names in the non-partisan section of the ballot.

Judy Daubenmier

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