LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Livingston best place to live for COVID

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If Southeastern Michigan residents want to find the safest place for COVID to live in the four-county area of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Livingston counties, they better pick up stakes and head for our own Republican-led Livingston County.

As of Sept. 21, here are stats for per capita deaths in all four counties:

• Wayne: 1,749,000 residents; 2,961 deaths = 1 death for every 590 residents

• Oakland: 1,258000. residents; 1,194 deaths = 1 death for every 1,053 residents

• Macomb: 873,972 residents; 1,015 deaths = 1 death for every 861 residents

• Livingston: 191,995 residents; 31 deaths = 1 death for every 6,193 residents

(stats from NY Times)

Given these figures, is it no surprise that homebuyers are flocking to Republican-led Livingston County? The crime rate is also low and our sheriff won’t even give you a ticket for not wearing a mask.

Kurt Skarjune
Genoa Township


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