LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kudos to Howell Public Schools

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One of the reasons our family chose to move to Howell 12 years ago was to be in the Howell School District. Today we celebrate that decision and tip our hat to the board, administration, and especially the teachers who are working incredibly hard under unprecedented conditions to provide an unparalleled education experience for our children.

Last spring I was somewhat disenchanted over the small among of work our children were receiving. Many teachers reached out to me to educate me on the unseen efforts that go into making remote learning a reality. Now, more aware of the difficulties and challenges that teachers face, I want to share publicly that my expectations have been met and far exceeded.  We chose to send our children for in person instruction. Their teachers have provided a first-class experience this year despite social distancing, masks being work at nearly all times, and the difficult posted by keeping children adhering to strict COVID-19 safety measures. My children have enjoyed and learned from multiple activities that their teachers have worked hard to prepare and execute. Their teachers are in regular communication with us, making sure we’re ready for what tomorrow brings. And, most important, our children are growing educationally as evidenced by their standardized test scores.

Not only have HPS teachers provided an outstanding in person experience, but they’ve been simultaneously getting ready to switch to remote learning at any time. Our children’s teachers have sent instruction and tested the online systems with us just to make sure we’re ready.  They’ve created clever, inspiring, and user-friendly remote classrooms; a ton of work to be ready “just in case.” Other teachers have worked with students whose parents selected virtual learning. By all accounts, the virtual learning has been equally successful.

As we get ready for Christmas break, I invite the families of the Howell Public School District to wish our educators a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a blessed New Year. As 2020 comes to an end, I leave our teachers with this Report Card:

Communication:  A+

Enthusiasm:  A+

Effort:  A+

Safety: A+

Remote preparedness:  A+

In-school Education:  A+++

Thank you, Howell Public Schools. You worked long and hard over the summer to make sure our children had every opportunity for success this fall and I, for one, appreciate it!

Randy Greene

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