LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It’s time for Republicans to turn their party around. 

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The insurrection of the Capitol siege was a blatant warning that Republicans must finally grow spines and stand up for reality and facts. They were elected to represent all of the people and must not promote falsehoods, hoaxes, and conspiracies that dupe their constituents and foster hate and violence.

State Sen. Mike Shirkey was caught making claims that the attack on the Capitol was pre-arranged and a hoax. He made national news for taking such a stand and was criticized for promoting fake news. This prompted him to apologize and retract his words. Before that, he was reported to have a meeting with militia groups to “advise” them. When this was exposed, he apologized again. We see a pattern of exposure followed by apology and can’t help but consider that Shirkey is aligned with these radical right groups in spirit and beliefs.

Cindy McCain and Liz Cheney have been sanctioned by the Republican Party for voting their consciences while Marjorie Taylor Greene got a standing ovation for promoting conspiracy theories and refusing to go through the metal detector after the Capitol siege. Ten Republican House members voted for impeachment because they are dismayed by lies and the dysfunction of a government in disarray. Republican groups, such as The Lincoln Project, have been very vocal in their fight to restore integrity to the Party. Former Republican leaders like former Sen. Flake, Colin Powell, President Bush, Tom Ridge (Homeland Security), Anthony Scaramucci, John Bolton and 500 other prominent Republicans endorsed Biden for President. 

It’s way past time to return to the Party of Lincoln, which fought for values and ideals that promote peaceful discourse and respect for the differences that now divide us.

Donna Gadbaw Mitchell

(Photo: KSAT.com)

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