LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I will support Slotkin no matter how she votes on impeachment

Congresswoman Slotkin appeared on FOX News where she was questioned about whether she had made a decision concerning her vote on the impeachment of Trump.

She stated that she was going to spend the weekend going over documentation, from Republicans and Democrats, containing discoveries gathered during the impeachment inquiries. Then she will make a decision about how she will vote.

She was asked if she was concerned about losing her job in such a swing district. Ms Slotkin has continually demonstrated her penchant for putting country before party in her willingness to work in a bi-partisan manner on co-sponsoring legislation concerning healthcare reform and other urgent matters.

Although I would like to see Trump removed from office, I will continue to support the Congresswoman no matter what the outcome of her decision is. Citizens have long lamented the inability of our representatives to work together for the common good. Elissa Slotkin has done this.

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior so I’m backing someone we can trust.

Donna Gadbaw Mitchell

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