LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I have never seen such hate as I did during presidential visit


I am still trying to recover from what I witnessed during President Joe Biden’s visit to Livingston County on Oct. 5.

If you were not at the actual event, and only relied on our news media to give you a picture of the protest leading up to his arrival, you were clearly not given an accurate report of what was actually occurring (excluding The Livingston Post with a great article, and WHMI, which had a better article than most).

You would think the hundreds of Trump supporters were having a peaceful display of their opposition to Biden. That picture is farthest from the truth. I have never seen such hate, such vulgarity, such disregard for civility. The chanting of “F- Biden” was constant, and done with children in tow. The bull horns, the yelling, the complete and utter hate that was displayed is nothing I have ever seen before, and I hope never to again. The screaming of falsehoods, amongst the words of repent to us, were then followed immediately with another F-bomb.

How pathetically hypocritical this mob was.

I find myself changed after this. My optimism for a world of coming together is waning even farther away. I question if it is even possible now. I have always been one to see the good, either in a situation or a person, but I find myself struggling to see any good in the people that attended this event, and this makes me sad.

Maybe if the press actually presented the Oct. 5 “protest” as it actually was, maybe, just maybe, there would be some reflection, some change of thought that this is not how a human should behave. By not presenting the actual facts, the reporters are condoning the reprehensible behavior of that day, and are responsible for the utter disregard for respect of another human being, to happen again in the future.

What a shame.

Lori Cowan

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  1. If I’m not mistaken liberals were always ready to ridicule,drop fbombs and it didn’t matter because they had their kids doing the same. So just because people use the same tactics as your party evidently was also guilty of, don’t go cryin now. Disrest goes both ways and the only reason your griping is because you think the present admin will deliver you from evil. When it’s the exact opposite. He’s delivering you to evil. Just remember these days both parties are about the cash,not pride nor anything but the cash.

  2. Are you kidding me? The way Trump was treated was just as horrendous. You whiny Democrats only see what you want to see, forgetting that you act the exact same way only it’s only bad when it’s done to you, not by you. What hypocrites.

  3. Liberals NEVER yelled F___ Trump!!, when he visited Michigan. You can speak your mind and be respectful at the same time. Children are witnessing this awful behavior, from their parents and other adults. Shame on you for teaching children this, through your terrible example. I’m embarrassed to have Livingston County represented by these nasty people!

  4. It’s funny that the media ignores how the Liberals treated Trump for four. Years, but now because we are doing it to you it’s utterly terrible what they are doing to them

  5. I believe Steve More is right. Our constitution gives us the privilege of free speech. We did not burn down our community, our buildings, our small businesses, and assault one another. We just let everybody know how we felt whether you like the language or not. Truth is the American people are really really upset of things that have been happening and the media has been doing everything I can to cover it up. Truth

  6. Thank you, Lori. More accurate reporting by media such as Detroit News was definitely sorely lacking.

  7. But it was
    Ok when trump was president, it happened daily during his presidency Joe Biden got EXACTLY the welcome he deserved

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