LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MI SB 285 restricts voting rights of senior citizens

The new MI SB 285 bill requires an absentee ballot voter to present identification to their local clerk or attach a copy to their absentee ballot when they mail it in. At first one would say that is a good idea. But where it can be easy for us, how about our seniors? Many no longer drive, so they don’t have current IDs. Many do not have computers and printers to copy their ID. Or family members to take them for photo IDs. So, seniors who were able to easily vote for the last 20-plus years now have a very difficult time to vote and now may no longer be able to simply vote because they are seniors.

This MI SB 285 Bill does not solve an election fraud issue: it works to restrict voting to people who cannot get photo id or have access to copy machines. This bill only successfully restricts voting rights to people who have voted for years.

Marie Joppich

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