Let’s be careful out there: Here are the Top 20 Livingston County intersections for crashes

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If you had to guess the top intersections for crashes in Livingston County in 2018, you might guess that it would be the two roundabouts in Green Oak Township by the Village Place Shopping Center that have kept county drivers on alert since their inception.

The roundabouts in front of Costco and Kohl’s.

But you’d be wrong.

The recently upgraded roundabouts — with crashes at each combined — come in third for total number of accidents at 33. The Livingston County Road Commission spent over $1 million last year to remove the outside lanes, a move they say will make them safer and less confusing, so we hope to see that total drop.

You might guess that it’s the two intersections around the Challis Road/Grand River Avenue corridor, an area responsible for untold driver frustration. But with a combined total of 46 crashes, they came in second in 2018.

The two intersections tied for first place for total number of crashes combined in Livingston County last year (as well as individually) have three miles between them. While farther apart than the Green Oak roundabouts and the Challis/Grand River Avenue intersections, they are located in one of the fastest-growing areas of Livingston County: the Latson Road corridor, which was enjoying a robust development environment even before the new I-96/Latson Road interchange opened in late 2013.

The intersections at S. Latson Road and E. Grand River Ave. in Genoa Township, and N. Latson Road and E. Highland Road in Oceola Township had 40 crashes each in 2018, for a combined total of 80.

The statistics are generated from the Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning’s Michigan Traffic Crash Facts.

Here, as ranked by the Michigan State Police site, are the 20 most dangerous intersections in Livingston County:

No. 1. S. Latson Road & E. Grand River Avenue, Genoa Township, 40 crashes

No. 2. E. Highland Road & N. Latson Road, Oceola Township, 40 crashes

No. 3. N. Old U.S. 23 & Highland Road, Hartland Township, 33 crashes

No. 4. Orndorf Drive & W. Grand River Ave. & Best Buy Drive, Brighton, 24 crashes

No. 5. W. Grand River Ave. & Cinema Drive & Challis Road N., Brighton, 23 crashes

No. 6. E. Highland Road & Oak Grove Road & W. Highland Road & N. Michigan Ave., Howell Township, 23 crashes

No. 7. Lee Road & Whitmore Lake Road, Green Oak Township, 17 crashes
No. 8. Whitmore Lake Road & Lee Road, Green Oak Township, 16 crashes

No. 9. W. Highland Road & W. Grand River Ave., Howell, 16 crashes

No. 10. W. Highland Road & N. Burkhart Road, Howell Township, 15 crashes

No. 11. S. Old U.S. 23 & E. Grand River Ave. & Whitmore Lake Road, 14 crashes

No. 12. Main Street & E. Grand River Ave. & W. Grand River Ave., Brighton, 12 crashes

No. 13. Glen Echo Drive & E. Grand River Road & Dorr Road, Genoa Township, 11 crashes

No. 14. Old U.S. 23 & White Lake Road, 10 crashes

No. 15. E. Highland Road & N. Eager Road, Oceola Township, 10 crashes

No. 16. Brighton Road & Bauer Road, 10 crashes

No. 17. Spencer Road & S. Old U.S. 23, Brighton Township, 10 crashes

No. 18. Hilton Road & E. Grand River Ave., Brighton, 9 crashes

No. 19. Clark Road & Highland Road, Hartland Township, 8 crashes

No. 20. Challis Road N. & Target Drive & Library Drive, Brighton, 8 crashes

Information and maps from the Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning Michigan Traffic Crash Facts

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