Leaf pick up in City of Brighton runs through end of November

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In addition to the weekly Leaf and Yard Waste Bag Collection, the City of Brighton will also offer leaf vacuuming services beginning the week of Oct. 9, 2017, until the week of Nov. 27, 2017.

The City of Brighton’s Department of Public Works (DPW) will vacuum leaves only; brush and twigs do not process in the machine. If the leaf pile in front of your home contains sticks and twigs, the pile will not be vacuumed and you will need to place them in yard waste bags for pickup.

Additionally, if there is a vehicle or vehicles parked on or near your leaf pile, DPW crews will not be able to vacuum. Residents are asked to rake their leaves into the street and/or gutter, which is a change from past instructions. Note that high piles of leaves could cause site view obstructions for vehicles and may make it difficult for crews to vacuum. Leaves should be spread out along your property’s curb line.The leaves will be vacuumed in the areas indicated on the map and schedule.

If leaf vacuuming is scheduled to be in your area, have the leaves in the street by Monday morning of that week. The schedule is as follows:

Area #1 (highlighted in orange)

First pass: week of Oct. 9; second pass: week of Nov. 6

Whitney, Walnut, State, Chestnut, North First through North Seventh, South First through South Seventh (South Third from Main to Brighton Lake Road), Main, Pierce, Franklin, Michigan, Livingston, Lakeside, Brighton, Madison, Washington, etc.

Area #2 (highlighted in yellow)

First pass: week of Oct. 16; second pass: week of Nov. 13

St. Paul, Beaver, Liberty, Flint, Williamsen, Nelson, Hillcrest, School, Church, Leith, North, East, Spencer/Main, Dutcher, Hope Clark, Kissane, O’Doherty, Maurice, Carney, Becker, etc.

Area #3 (highlighted in purple)

First pass: Week of Oct. 23; second pass: week of Nov. 20

Fairway Trails, South Third (from Brighton Lake Road to Fairway Trails), Alpine, Whispering Oaks, Woodlake (including all cul- de-sacs and courts), Heathertree, Northern Ridge, Long Leaf Court, Peppergrove, Baywood Circle, Brighton Lake Road (from South Third to Northern Ridge), Lincoln, etc.

Area #4 (highlighted in teal)

First pass: week of Oct. 30; second pass: week of Nov. 27

Devonshire, Robertson, Oak Ridge (including all cul-de sacs and courts), Glenwyth, Cobblestone Court, etc.
The City of Brighton strives to remove your leaves in a timely manner after you have raked them to the street and/or gutter. It is not possible for the city to vacuum leaves on an on-call basis.

Burning your leaves is not allowed, per city ordinance.

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