Kensington Woods board of directors urges lawmakers to preserve educational funding in wake of COVID-19

Members of the Kensington Woods Schools board voted to adopt a resolution urging Michigan’s state legislature and Michigan’s Congressional delegation to support any bill to preserve educational funding and services for Michigan school children that has been threatened as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In adopting this resolution, the board said it was answering the learning needs of its own students and families, as well as all the students and families in the State of Michigan.

Recent state revenue estimates establish that there will be an incredible shortfall of state revenues through the next year, including a reduction of $2.3 billion to the School Aid Fund during the current and next fiscal years. State lawmakers are predicting cuts of up to $2,000 per student to school funding calculations, a cut of 25 percent.

“Severe cuts like the ones lawmakers are discussing will have devastating effects on our schools and learning environments,” said C. J. Phillips, board president. “It is not what our children deserve. Michigan’s 1.5 million public school children deserve a safe, quality, and stable learning environment where they can grow, learn and succeed.”

According to its resolution, the board asks members of the state educational community — as well as Michigan’s citizens — to speak up and share their concerns with members of the state legislature and the Michigan Congressional delegation, stating that, “Congress has passed coronavirus relief bills, but has not broadly addressed the growing need of educational funding.”

A Resolution to Preserve Educational Services for Children

As a charter public school, Kensington Woods Schools is a public school under the Michigan Constitution of 1963. The school operates under the oversight of Central Michigan University and is subject to the general supervision of the State Board of Education.

The Board of Directors of Kensington Woods Schools (“Board”) are public officials who are subject to the same rights and responsibilities as all other public-school board members. One of these obligations is to adopt an annual budget by July 1st of each year which has become increasingly challenging due to state funding concerns.

Michigan’s first positive COVID-19 cases were on March 10, 2020 and, in response, the governor announced school closures two days later on March 12th.

The public health emergency in response to COVID-19 has had adverse economic and educational impacts on states across the country and on countries across the world, especially on those states and countries with significant numbers of individuals who have gotten sick from and/or died from the virus.

Congress has passed coronavirus relief bills at the Federal level but has not broadly addressed the growing need of educational funding, nor has the State yet identified the use of its Budget Stabilization Fund for this purpose.

Neglecting to address the funding needs of the educational system and projecting the per-pupil funding cuts as deep as has been projected will have widespread adverse impacts on education as a whole.

The Board believes that neglecting to address this need is neglecting the needs of Kensington Woods Schools, our children, and our education system. No child should be harmed in his or her education due to a pandemic that could not be predicted or controlled.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors of Kensington Woods Schools urges the Michigan State Legislature and the Michigan Congressional delegation to support any bill to preserve educational services to Michigan school children that have been threatened as a result of this pandemic; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors of Kensington Woods Schools urges members of the state education community as well as the general public to share these concerns with members of state and federal government as well as national associations to spread awareness of this urgent need.

For further information about Kensington Woods Schools, contact Jessie Pratt at (517) 545-0828 or via email at Kensington Woods Schools is located at 9501 Pettys Road, Lakeland, Mich. 48143. Kensington Woods Schools is a 6th through 12th grade college preparatory, tuition-free, state-funded school.


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