Judge Geddis says she’ll step down Dec. 15 to let Gov. Snyder name her replacement

Livingston County District Court Judge Suzanne Geddis

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Livingston County District Judge L. Suzanne Geddis confirmed to the MIRS news agency in Lansing today that she will be resigning effective Dec. 15 so that Republican Gov. Rick Snyder can name her replacement.

Geddis was elected to a new seat on the Livingston County Circuit Court earlier this month. She had earlier indicated that if elected to that seat, she would resign her District Court seat so that Snyder could name her replacement.

Geddis, like Snyder, is a Republican, and she wanted a Republican to name her replacement. If she waited until she took office in January, then the replacement would be named by Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, the governor-elect.

Geddis told MIRS, “I wanted Gov. Snyder to have the appointment for this,” Geddis added. “Whitmer will have an appointment if (District Judge) Theresa (Brennan) is gone . . . That seems even to me.”

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