It’s Christmas in June! Early auditions set for lead roles in CTH’s production of ‘White Christmas’

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The Community Theatre of Howell is holding early auditions for the roles of Bob, Betty, Phil and Judy for their fall musical, White Christmas, to be performed November 11-13 and 17-20.  A highly recommended dance workshop will be held on Friday, June 24, at 6:30 p.m. at Maria’s School of Dance, 105 E Grand River, Fowlerville, and the vocal, dance and reading audition will be held the next day, Saturday, June 25 at 9:30 a.m. also at Maria’s School of Dance.

For more information and to check out scripts, music and readings, contact Linda Peasley, Producer at  Auditionees can obtain the audition form and all character descriptions on the theater’s website at

Based on the beloved film, this heartwarming adaptation features a brilliant stream of classic Irving Berlin songs.  The story concerns two WW II vets, Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, who have a successful song-and-dance act after the war.  They follow two attractive young ladies to a Vermont inn where the girls are going to perform their “Sisters” act.  The innkeeper turns out to be Bob and Phil’s former commanding general.  The boys decide to rustle up some business for the snow-less ski lodge by bringing in their New York variety show.  Complications ensue, but of course, all ends well.

Filled with interesting characters, lots of laughter, toe-tapping dance numbers, and a dazzling score with such standards as “Blue Skies,” “Count Your Blessings,” “I Love a Piano,” and “White Christmas,” this is a show that will appeal to the whole family.

There are roles in the show for every age from 6-106, male and female, dancers and non-dancers, and even some non-singing roles.  The plans call for a Children’s Chorus which will be in two production numbers and will also sing in the lobby before the show and at intermission.  There will also be a Vocal Chorus which will sing most production numbers but will not be dancing.

Two dance groups will be used:  A Tap Ensemble and a Dance Ensemble (no tap required) so these various groups will give everyone a chance to participate whatever their skills.  Those in the Tap Ensemble will also be in the Dance Ensemble.

Character descriptions for these four roles are:

Bob Wallace (variable age) A major singing star, Bob is the guiding force behind the song-and-dance team of Wallace and Davis.  He wears his fame easily and is a born leader, but has some trouble with social and romantic interactions.  Despite his occasional gruffness, he is a deeply kind and principled man who is searching for his true love.

(a very good singer with a crooning style who moves well; baritone; songs – Blue Skies (Part 1), How Deep is the Ocean, Count Your Blessings).

Phil Davis (variable age)  The fun-loving, go-getting  song-and-dance partner of the team Wallace and Davis.  An irrepressible clown, operator, and incorrigible ladies’ man who is determined to see his friend happy, even if it requires scheming and outright deception.  He has a boyish charm and sex appeal.  (strong jazz and tap-dancing needed; baritone-tenor; songs:  The Best Things Happen When You’re Dancing).

Betty Haynes (variable age)  The sensible, responsible half of the mildly successful song-and-dance team, the Haynes Sisters.  Destined to be a star in her own right, she is nonetheless hesitant to take the spotlight for herself.  A woman of decent, upstanding principles, she is devoted to her younger sister.  Like Bob, she hides her yearning for true love under a protective shell.  (A female singer of quiet beauty and charm with a rich chest mix sound and a soprano extension; must move well; songs:  Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me, How Deep is the Ocean, Sisters).

Judy Haynes (variable age)  The younger, more ambitious, slightly scheming Haynes sister.  While wholesome and adorable, she is sexy and flirty, a winning charmer whom no man can resist.  (strong jazz and tap dancing needed; chest mix; songs:  Sisters, I Love a Piano, Falling Out of Love Can Be Fun).

Auditions for the rest of the cast, including the children, the dance and the vocal ensembles will be held in August.  There will be a dance workshop for the Children’s Chorus, Susan and all other adult roles on Wednesday, August 10 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Howell High School Freshman Campus.

Auditions for the Children’s Chorus and the role of Susan will begin at 6:00 pm Friday, August 12, and auditions for all supporting roles, tap ensemble, dance ensemble, and vocal chorus will begin at 9:30 am on Saturday, August 13.  The Friday night and Saturday auditions will also be held at the Freshman Campus.

The complete list of character descriptions can be accessed on the website

Production staff for this show includes Vera Cunningham – Director, Linda Peasley – Producer, Dirk Brandt – Assistant Director, Sarah Kinnison – Stage Manager, Maria Usher – Choreographer, Tim Meixner – Vocal Director, Brian Pearson – Orchestra Conductor, Bruce Grotenhuis – Technical Director, Brian Bickel – Set Design and Construction, and Chris Clinton-Cali – Head Costumer.

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